About Jieun



jibI started this blog in 2012 to write about my interest in mass human rights violations from the perspective of studying history and current events to help prevent such injustices from occurring in the future.  As Shin Dong Hyuk (a North Korean defector) said in one of my articles, “we think that massive genocides took place long ago in our history. ‘Never again,’ we think. We’re mistaken! These systematic killings are taking place, and will continue to take place until we bring change.”

Throughout my studies and travels over the past few years, I have broadened the scope of my blogging to share my experiences as an observer of the world through the lens of seeing people as equally human.  We’re all fundamentally and equally human. We’re all born to a mother and father, crave to love and be loved, yearn to know and be known,  and have an inalienable dignity that makes us the most unique specie to populate this earth. We must remember that a baby has no past.

As someone who believes that human beings are inherently equal, I am fascinated by how humanity—with all of its complexities and similarities—is segregated by states with man-made boundaries and varying types of governments. As I am fortunate enough to have been born in a country whose political leadership allows me both freedom and education, I believe I have a duty to learn how I could bridge differences and misunderstandings that are consequences of political borders.  We all have this duty.

Let’s never stop educating ourselves with the experiences of other people so that we can inform our lifestyles, professions, conversations, and mindsets to see each other as equally human.  I hope that my writing triggers a thought or two for my readers.

QUICK BIO: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and went to an amazing public high school called Cleveland Humanities Magnet High School. I graduated from Harvard (Class of 2009) with a degree in Government/International Relations, and most recently graduated from Harvard Kennedy School of Government with a Masters in Public Policy in 2014. Before graduate school, I worked at Google Headquarters in Mountain View for a few years. I am currently a Belfer Center fellow at HKS, continuing my research and writing on North Korea.  Please don’t hesitate to drop me a note about anything on my blog — I look forward to hearing from you!


Few short articles about my background:

A Laser Focus on Freedom (Harvard Gazette)

Jieun Baek on North Korea and Giving Back (Harvard Belfer Center)



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