5K for NK: H-RINK’s Campaign to raise funds for MDR TB Patient in North Korea


I am so proud of the Harvard underclassmen who are continuing H-RINK’s (Harvard Undergraduates for Human Rights in North Korea) work with great passion, vision, and efficacy. Their newest campaign, “5K for NK,” is a testament to their unwavering commitment to this organization’s mission.

Dr. Stephen Linton, the director of the Eugene Bell Foundation, selected one patient in North Korea for whom Harvard students and friends could raise $5,000 to provide her with MDR tuberculosis medication. She is a beautiful young married woman in her 20s with two daughters. She’s been suffering from TB for four years, and cannot wait to recover from this debilitating illness.

Check out this short video here. The patient speaks directly to future donors starting at minute 2:47.

Here’s the Harvard Crimson article that provides more detail of this project, and its kick off event.

Lastly, if you’d like to donate, please visit here. Please spread the word!

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